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If you have something to say and a talent for writing, then why not write for us?

If you would like to write a guest post about any of the categories we feature on this site then we have a few guest posting guidelines that we would love for you to follow please:

write for us
  • If you have genuinely interesting news and well written content then we will welcome your well written articles.
  • We receive over 100 requests to write for us every day. We will try to respond to everyone who emails us, as we think that if you have taken the time to get in touch, then we will take the time to get back to you.
  • If you read this page it outlines what we’re looking for in a guest post and what works well on this website.

If you want to be published on Hesper Herald then your content to:



When you write for us we accept:

  • General opinion pieces from people who know what they are talking about
  • How to’s, tutorials and advice pieces
  • Business guest posts
  • New research articles
  • Latest financial news
  • General guest posts
  • Technology articles and product launches

Pitching your ideas for guest posts:

We love it when you have an opinion but we can’t publish them all. What tends to go down well:

  • Are you someone with amazing knowledge? We love people of substance sharing opinions on something relevant to our readers
  • Are you controversial? Opinion pieces where your thoughts differ to popular opinion and fuel discussion are always a favourite when you write for us about and current and topical subjects

We are open to hearing from you if you want to contribute and have a new story you think our readers would want to hear.

When we accept guest posts, we are typically looking for:

  • 1000+ words
  • Completely fresh content produced specifically for Hesper Herald.
  • We are in Google News so we really only want high quality content please.
write for us

How To Write For Us, Tutorial Content and Guides

Here are some examples of guest post titles we’ve had pitched to us in the past that really don’t impress us:

  • The advantages of having a business mentor
  • The history of the online shopping
  • Why you need to use a social media plan

If a guest post that you write for us sounds like a sales pitch, then we might not even reply to your email.

How to articles should be practical, and teach us something and guide a micro business owner or a freelancer through a process they will need to be able to understand. Hesper herald readers should get to the end of that guest post feeling like they just gained some great new knowledge – learnt how to do something that they couldn’t do 15 minutes ago.

We don’t want our readers feeling like they have wasted 15 minutes of their life that they cant get back! Sales pitches linking to your website are boring and won’t pass our editorial guidelines, so please save your time or don’t write for us and go elsewhere.

We love our readers and value their time so we are only going to publish quality guest posts. We really will only publish content from people who clearly value our readers’ time as much as we do.

A few things we’re looking for when it comes to pitching guest content:

  • Write for us if you are qualified to write about your subject. Being a blogger working on behalf of a business owner doesn’t qualify you to give business advice. Being the PR representing a solicitor doesn’t qualify you give legal advice. So if you are getting in touch on behalf of a client, please work with them both on the angle and on the guest post.
  • A unique idea. If you pitch something like “how to write a press release” then we need to know how your article will be a new take on how to write a press release and not just the same as all of the other articles out there. If it passes “Copyscape” this does not necessarily mean that you did not plagerise your guest post.

Write for Us – FAQ’s:

What’s your linking policy?

If you submit a guest post then we love it when you include authority links to your researched sources. If you have written a well thought out article and would like to back your opinions and facts to the sources where you found them, then we are always happy for these sort of links in your guest posts. Links for no reason are quite obvious and wont be included.

Keep your guest posts factual, interesting and meaty when you write for us. Impress us with your talents for writing and who knows what future collaborations might happen.

Can I have my own author profile?

We will work closely with high profile individuals who can prove a long term track record of publishing high quality unique, relevant and unusual content. Where we are happy that the relationship is one which will benefit our readers we will consider the writer having their own author profile for guest posting.

How do I submit a guest post?

Please email us at: editor@hesperherald.com

Or complete the form below:

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